Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Year Begins

The year is off to a slow start for me. I am now officially a qualified primary school teacher, hurray! As of yet, I have not yet found a permanent teaching position. What has spurred me to write this post, however, is that I will be substitute teaching next week! After close to two months of anxious waiting, job-seeking and stressing, this opportunity to be part of a school environment is very welcome.

I will be subbing for a Grade 2 teacher for two days next week, at a local school where I interviewed for a post last year. All of the staff that I have been in contact with at the school seem wonderful, and I'm looking forward to the chance to stretch my teaching repertoire and pick up some new skills. As per usual, Pinterest and the various teaching sites I visit have showered me with useful tidbits about substitute teaching. I am nervous, yet also very excited. It won't be easy coming into an established classroom and having to follow another teacher's plans- but, it sounds similar to what my teaching practices were like. In a way, new teachers might be well-suited to substitute teaching.