Who Am I

Who is this person?

I'm Monique Franzsen. I am:
  • A technology integration specialist
  • A Google Certified Educator and Trainer
  • PGCE qualified, with 5+ years specialising in Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase
  • Registered with the South African Council of Educators
  • An avid gamer and proud geek
I am passionate about:
  • Gamification in classrooms
  • Staff training and professional development
  • Integrating technology in schools

I offer consultation and training on these areas and more. Find me on Twitter!

What is this blog?

I started this blog in November 2011, primarily as a form of stress-relief and procrastination during to my final undergraduate exams. I had applied for a PGCE at Rhodes University and decided that I would chronicle the journey I would take as a student teacher in 2012.

These days, the blog serves as a look into what's going on in my professional life as an technology integrator.

Why "Teacher Squeaks"?

I changed my blog name from 'Hedgehog Squeaks' to 'Teacher Squeaks' to mark the occasion of being accepted into the PGCE course. I hope to comment on the course as honestly as possible, while remaining sane and keeping my sense of humour about the whole business. A blog is a medium to talk to the world and my contributions are probably best described as little indignant squeaks!

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