Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sun Safety and Reptiles


We have kick-started our way into the New Year here at Bridge House School. In Junior Primary we were lucky enough to be kitted out with a brand-new set of 26 lab computers, all upgraded to Windows 10. My students (as well as myself) have been tackling the new features with much enthusiasm.

The Grade 3s have been learning about sun safety. As we live in South Africa, it's summer right now and our sun can be extreme! We created Sun Tips posters using MS Publisher. This was done without a template, after our discussion about being safe in the sun I let them design their own posters.

These are proudly displayed in one of the Grade 3 classrooms.

Our Grade 2 students have started to delve into the world of reptiles. The acrostic exercise was my inspiration, despite how common they seem to be I've never used them in a lesson before. I laid out the R E P T I L E S on an MS Word page and had the students use their imagination to fill in the letter lines. I got the snazzy reptiles border from Sparklebox

Reptile fact acrostics on display outside in the Grade 2 playground.

For Coding Club this year I have tentatively begun to use the desktop-installed version of Scratch. This term I have a boisterous group of 15 young coders. I'm pleased to report that 3 girls are included in that number, and are just as boisterous as the others. We are slowly learning what we can do in Scratch, the possibilities seem endless!