Monday, February 24, 2014

New Year, New Displays

Here's what our bulletin boards are looking like at the minute:
I will admit, the odd pencil falls off occasionally. But still worth it for the effect.

Close-up of a corner with my flavourful post-it notes.

I'm proud of this display because, aside from printing and laminating, my new library monitor trainees (Grade 7s) organised and put it all up themselves. We have ten new trainees this year: two have been given their full monitor status (plus BADGES) due to the work they put in last year, and eight are brand new. If they impress us by Easter, they'll get promoted too.

In the holidays, I also picked up this tiny plastic fishtank to decorate the front desk. It has four cute little magnetic fish inside and a wand to move them around with. What they don't tell you on the packaging is that it is also magnetic to children- kids are attracted like magnets to this thing. On the upside, it encourages them to hover at that spot. Perhaps I can put it in a more advantageous place?

"Miss M, what does it do?"