Monday, January 04, 2016

Advice for 2016

In the last lesson of 2015, my Grade 1 students were asked to write some advice for next year's Grade 1 kids. They took to this task with enthusiasm. We worked on capital letters, full stops, descriptive words and how to give advice. When they were finished they could adjust their font and text colours. It worked well as a reflexive exercise beyond the standard 'recapping on the year'. It makes me so proud to read over these and see how much their writing has improved in just one year! They are so ready for Grade 2.

A selection of advice from our 2015 Grade 1s.

I've been on my summer holidays, relaxing and gathering my thoughts for a new year of teaching IT. I'm looking forward to improving what I do. The most important thing that I think I can teach in the lab is problem solving - what to do when something goes wrong. If I can help the students develop intelligent guesses, they'll cope fine with any computer problem.