Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Worry

Fear not, internet readers! I'm still here and willing to blog.

As the school term here goes Jan - Dec, with a big June winter break, I've just finished my long summer holiday. I dived into full on holiday mode, visiting my family and catching up on some well-deserved leisure time. I'm already missing it!

School has started again, this time I'm a full-time teacher librarian. The doubling of my workload has been a bit of an adjustment, I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet but hopefully that will improve in time.

So far, this year:

  • New display in the Senior side of the library, "Hot Summer, Cool Reads"
  • New display in the Junior side of the library, "Sharpen Your Mind" (Back to School)
  • Started teaching poetry to my new Grade 7 English class
  • Start of entering our new library books into the system
  • Drama circle game ran for Grade 4 - 6 drama classes
  • Began teaching for Grades 1 - 4 IT without access to a computer lab!
  • Attempting to manage my admin/planning side, with varying levels of success
I'd love to do a post on each of these, perhaps I will be able to as I get more used to the routine. Thanks for being patient while I figure it out.