Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Great giveaway at First Grade O.W.L.s!

There is an amazing giveaway happening at First Grade O.W.L.s right now, have a link: Click here to check out the giveaway.

What you could win:
  • 4 Writing Work Stations The Complete Set by Deedee Wills
  • 4 Everything OWL Classroom Bundle by Nicole Bunt
On the same blog post, there is also a great freebie for Whole Brain Teaching. I was discussing the concept in one of my previous posts- here. When you have your classroom rules, it's essential to have them posted in the classroom.The ones that are up at First Grade O.W.L.s are just adorable, look!

I can't wait to get my own classroom and have it decorated beautifully, much like the colourful polka dots on display there.

Freebies and giveaways are just some of the valuable things you can gain from joining the online world of networking with other teachers. I have already learned so much from my fellow educators around the world, and perhaps I should do a post at a later date talking about how the blogosphere works in a teaching-sharing context.

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