Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clip Chart: International

A teacher-buddy of mine in Taiwan has taken my Clip Chart fervor to his school. They are using a modified version of the Clip Chart, and it's adorable:

Taiwanese Clip Chart

Click here to go to Miscreant's blog to read all about their Clip Chart and how it works. Here's an excerpt:

"All students have their names written on pegs and placed on "Ready to Learn". When they are being good, paying attention and supporting their fellow students we move their pegs up. When they are being disruptive and uncooperative, we move their pegs down. Often I will call up a student and make her/him move her/his own peg down. This reinforces the idea that s/he's done something wrong and (as I teach second language students) it gives me a moment alone with the student to ask her/him if s/he knows why s/he's in trouble - sometimes there are communication problems, rather than students being deliberately naughty."

I love seeing how each teacher uses a Clip Chart, we really are a creative bunch. I love the variety of colours that were used in this one. The blue Uh-Oh is particularly cute. For the Think About It, they have a rule in place that if the student is still on that colour by the end of the lesson, they do not get to go out to break but instead have to stay inside, thinking about what they have done. It's great that those teachers are able to enforce their rules, many South African teachers are not allowed to do things like keep a student in for break-time.

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