Monday, November 19, 2012


There's a brilliant giveaway series going on at Creekside Teacher Tales. What's great about this one is that the theme is: Pirates!

Click on the image to have a look at what's on offer and enter!

I love pirates, but I'm not sure why. Technically, they were/are baddies, and not good role-models for the developing child. But, as I saw in the Queenspark play a few days ago, sometimes it's really fun to get to play a baddie, even if you aren't one in real life. The pirate crew in the play had a complete blast, you could see it on their faces the entire time. Afterwards, I overheard a mum explaining to a teacher that at first, her extremely well-behaved son was devastated that he was picked to be a pirate, since he didn't want to be 'bad'. They had explained to him, though, that acting was all about pretending to be something you aren't. After that, he embraced the idea as a chance to be 'bad' without getting into trouble!

Go and check the giveaway out, and look out for the next one- I will definitely be! Even if I don't win any of the prizes, it's a great way to show you all how amazingly generous and creative the teaching community is.

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