Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Busy Time

Since returning to Grahamstown, things have been very busy for me. The substitute job I mentioned last post went off without a hitch, and has lead to further jobs in the last few months: Grade 5 (1 day and then 2 further days, Grade 7 (3 days), and Grade 3 (1 day). These substitute teaching jobs, though they are only for a day or two at a time, have really given me some confidence that I am, in fact, qualified to do this. Sometimes I feel that I'm actually quite good! When I'm in the classroom teaching, it's a great feeling. Though I've been working nearly exclusively at one school, this week I had a substitute job at another school for the first time- business is picking up!

Since substitute teaching doesn't keep me busy on a regular basis, I have also been volunteering twice a week at Queenspark School, a local private school that I had my teaching practice at last year. I had a meeting with their Head of Foundation Phase, where we decided that I would be most useful to them working with Language Enrichment and also helping out with Creative Writing. Doing this has given me lots of time with students one-on-one, in small groups and also the unique experience of working with one or a few students while the class teacher continues the lesson to the whole class. I've also been helping a local optometrist with the eye screenings they have been doing at the schools. Honestly, it's been great fun, and already being familiar with many of the schools makes the process go smoothly.

Though I haven't given up on finding a full-time post, I appreciate the time I have to build up my CV with these varied jobs. Currently I have my eyes on a part-time position that has recently opened up, but time will tell if I manage to grab it. A two PGCE friends are teaching at the school I have been spending the most time at, and a third has just joined as a part-time isiXhosa teacher. Another former classmates is working at Sandlot School, it was a delight to see her in action when I came by to do the eye-screenings there recently. Seeing these talented ladies get positions is encouraging, and gives me something to motivate me to keep on searching.

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