Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Powerpoint Comic Creations

Last term, the Grade 2s worked around the theme of Superheroes. They had even had a Superhero Dress-Up Day which was, coincidentally, the same day as their IT lesson. Since my lab is decorated in a superhero theme, I really wanted to find some sort of activity that celebrated superheroes.

Enter this wonderful page by Communication 4 All. The first thing on that page is a neat Powerpoint activity, letting you easily build a comic strip. It allows you to create a Powerpoint template that the students can each open and save a fresh copy onto their drives. I edited the template to add a few more superhero pictures and actions. After giving a short intro where I toured the students around the layout and showed them how to get the superhero images in place, I let them loose. Both classes surprised me with their creative superhero comics.

A Grade 2 girl really understood the Superhero theme.

We'll be definitely using this activity in the future. Comic strips are a unique genre and fun to create, but I find many of the online comic creators clunky with extremely long load times. As usual, the winning activity for me is offline-capable.

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