Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hero Kids - Tomb of the Lost King

Midnight at the graveyard, the heroes are on the job.

This term, I have gone back to running my Hero Kids club for the Grade 2 and 3 children. I've got a rambunctious group of 6 boys, and we had our first proper session today. I'm running the Tomb of the Lost King module and so far we've had a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to this module as it throws a variety of different themed challenges at the heroes.

I went to the extra effort this time around and cut and glued the paper little minion standees - and even coloured them in! It actually made it much easier to tell the enemy mobs apart, which helped keep track of the HP values. I hope to keep this going through this module, and have already cut and glued the skeleton warriors for later on.

The more that I run RPGs for kids, the more that they impress me. Once they learned to stop fiddling with the GM models and paperwork, this group listened uncharacteristically carefully to the rules and brought forth really original solutions. I soon modeled for them how they could add creative descriptions for what happened to their dice rolls, and they delighted at giving each other ideas for the skeleton-smashing. I once saw a child's face light up when he realised that he could choose to make his character do something cool. The agency that role-playing games give players is something truly special.  

The benefits of RPGs that are easily seen are the creative thinking and problem solving skills. The kids show such utter joy that they can influence a story as it is happening. The collaboration between the players and I becomes stronger as they go on with the games. 

Here is our party line-up:
  • Ugolas the Elf Ranger - he wanted to call his character Legolas but since that's a character already he settled on a similar name
  • Max the Reptile Bladedancer - this child has already talked more in this club than he has the rest of the year... entirely worth it
  • Gluchi the Healer - only character with magic, a challenging child already shining in this club
  • Shadow the Acrobat - youngest child, first one to buy into the method of describing attacks creatively
  • Roben the Archer - the only child who has played before, running same character as last time
  • Scar the Wolf Child - first child that I've run for who has successfully used a special attack without any prompting from me

I foresee great things for this party.

Hero Kids - The Hero Kids Strike Back

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